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As a member you will be able to revisit the current and future modules of the RideShare Industry! Learn from the best drivers in the industry!

Some drivers cannot survive without having that one person to lean on. Why quit because you didn’t have someone to show you the ropes of your RideShare business. Get paid Faster! Receive Higher Ratings Immediately! Build a Clientele base that will relieve you of everyday stress of the unknown, as a business owner. Come learn the CoachDee B.E.S.T Customer Service skill set. Get informed on the ways of receiving kickbacks no matter where you live. find out what the industry has to offer and who to listen too. Your family will benefit from the affiliate options found in Coach Dee’s vault of hustler treasures.

If you live in the Las Vegas area and just started this opportunity, you definitely need a tour of the town. Learn the problem areas and ever changing valet pickup spots with team members and Coach Dee! 

Why start a new opportunity without knowing CoachDee’s (B.E.S.T) way of serving the passenger and maximizing your pay and maintain a 5.0 rating for consistent rideshare calls!

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Why just drive? Propel your business by giving your customers all of their options that can get you paid from out the back seat of your car. 

There are people doing their best to put money in your pocket. But if you don’t know who they are then why are you doing this business. Learn how to make a Kickback in Big Cities and smaller towns through CoachDee’s Kickback course!


Using APEX will allow your business to have prearranged runs by Doctors or Dentists, so the waiting for the next bing days are coming to an end for Top drivers!


TRYP RideShare Business APP

Build a Goliath RideShare team of drivers and get paid on a one time effort forever, as long as the driver drives.

REFERRAL CODE: “tryp derri 20774”

Why find yourself in a legal situation when you now know there are people out there that don’t over charge or over promise. “I’ve been a member for over 20 years and I have won every case from divorce, child support, traffic violations and a bankruptcy. I will never cancel my Legalshield account” says Coach Dee!

If you drive for a rideshare or transportation company and you are guilty of fast food smashing on a regular basis, then get your 100% daily nutrition like Coach Dee with a Juice Plus Power plan.   This company allow us to give a free supply to our kids once we purchase for ourselves. 40 years and counting on this product which i believe is a health service. FYI…my son loves them.

Game Changing TRYP

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Rental Express Program

Veteran Volunteer Services

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Join Rideshare365’s  driving team that volunteers rides for our veteran troops who need transportation to VA court and hospital sign-ins & releases. It is the duty of an american citizen to pay it forward to the men and women that allow us to run our RideShare Business while chasing whatever dream we have in mind. By contributing one pick-up/drop-off a week, you will serve your fellow military veteran his or her fare due.

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