CoachDee's RideShare Driver Affiliate Recommendations

Learn from the 2018 Las Vegas Lyft Driver of the year! "2018"

Coach Dee has helped thousands of drivers around the world in the RideShare Business through Video Chatting or RideShare Courses. Why start off blind when you can learn the B.E.S.T program Coach Dee has designed for you and your income.

Driving Lyft can and will free you up

Chase your dreams and goals while driving in a schedule that suits your needs. Coach Dee is here to support you through the on-boarding process & beyond.

Tryp is Your RideShare Cash Cow Opportunity!

The future of rideshare is all about effort and timing. You can put in the work now to later sit back and allow your business to make money for you while you kick it with family and friends.

Apex Will Make Building Your Clientele Easier

For those looking to build a business with consistent clients and passengers then Apex is your RideShare business answer.

The Legal Services of LegalShield and IDShield

As a 18 year member Coach Dee’s entire success comes from the results of using my LegalShield Membership contract after contract, Divorce court date after Divorce court date.  

35 Fruits and Vegetables in the Sweetest Chewables

You Know we cannot stop eating our unhealthy foods right. Why not know every night that you and your children received 70% of your nutrients from the chewables that easy?

The Best Side-Hustle for those with a Bachelors degree and a Love for cute and smart kids

Coach Dee has been a member of vipkid and has taught over 200 students within the last year maintaining a 80% student retention rate!

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