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Las Vegas Driver of the Year!

2018 Las Vegas Lyft Driver of the Year Driver “Coach Dee,” has been driving out of Las Vegas, Nevada since the city’s September start date in 2015. Coach Dee has acquired 3 years of knowledge in the Rideshare industry which he knows can transform former, struggling or potential Rideshare drivers into well rounded rideshare business people!  Coach Dee has been a professional CDL driver for over 20 years. After driving as a School Bus driver, Limousine driver and Tractor-Trailer driver, he soon found his new passion which is rideshare. Signing up to only make a couple extra dollars, Derrick soon witnessed  horrifying actions from new and untrained drivers throughout the Las Vegas valets and airport area. He immediately realized that his skills as a Licensed Special Educator, could help with struggling and new driver’s knowledgeof the business. He stated, ” This business is a science. If a driver can get to the ‘point of comfort’ needed to survive the first 30 days, then he or she can make a great living, but most people need training on the mental part or they are likely to quit. That’s where I come in! I show them the ABC’s and the cookie cutter skills anyone can benefit from if executed properly.”  That’s when he founded his start-up training program  RideShare365.com.  Now the industry has a reliable source of knowledge needed for drivers to stay in the RideShare game!

Day 97 Additional Lyft  Drops is Mo Money
Day 97 Additional Lyft Drops is Mo Money
Road Rage Tips of a RideShare Driver
Road Rage Tips of a RideShare Driver
Day 96 Reasons Not to Use Lyft Rental [Must Knows]
Day 96 Reasons Not to Use Lyft Rental [Must Knows]
Day 58 Lyft Deactivated me [Worst Timing]
Day 58 Lyft Deactivated me [Worst Timing]
Day 83 Top 5 Reasons [Drivers Quit Uber and Lyft]
Day 83 Top 5 Reasons [Drivers Quit Uber and Lyft]

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“It’s really motivating reading the comments of appreciative drivers. I will continue to Coach and direct every RideShare driver that’s willing to learn and change for the benefit of an honestly earned income,  passenger satifaction and industry principles!”-      Derrick “CoachDee” Smith 

Coach Dee's Past Driver Experience

Chicago School Bus Co.

Driver-West Chicago, IL 1994-1996

Atlanta 96' Olympics Transportation Committee

Driver-Atlanta, GA 1996

Olympus Limousine

Professional Limo Driver
Atlanta & Chicago 1998-2008

TransAm Trucking

OTR Driver

Olathe, KS 2002-2004

“4000” Miles in a Week Award!

  • Customer Service
  • KickBacks
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Rental Express

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